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#SafeSpace & how you can get involved!

Hi everyone!

We are writing a quick post to let you know that we have expanded our website slightly. If you click the ‘How do I get involved?’ Button on the homepage, then you will find a list of petitions and campaigns which you can sign or join to help each charity or organisation with their movement. We have even signed as local signatories on a couple of them and we also worked to promote ‘Camp Out 4 Calais’ with Care4Calais so we can assure you all of these movements are absolutely wonderful and definitely deserve all attention possible. Please take a look and sign, and even donate where you can! Petitions are such a quick and easy way to get involved, especially right now when getting physically involved is slightly more difficult as we are all isolating.

We plan on updating this quite regularly, to make sure that all petitions and campaigns stay relevant.

Also on the page, are details of our first campaign, #SafeSpace. Make sure to check this out - we are hoping to raise a lot of awareness for the international refugee crisis, and create a very poignant final product that will represent something very special… stay tuned!

So, please use this opportunity to get involved, and make a difference within the crisis. Please continue to stay home and stay safe!


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