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Hey, I'm Ella!!!

Hey! I'm Ella, the other brain behind Youth for Refugees alongside Bruce!

I wanted to make a post to introduce myself, so I thought a Q&A style layout would be best to get to know me!!

1. Your name: Ella !

2. Your age: 19

3. Are you at university? What do you study?: Yes! I'm at LSE studying International Relations and French

4. What's your career goals for the future?: I really want to work in International Development, helping deliver aid and response during humanitarian crises.

5. What did you want to be when you were younger?: A teacher !! (My mum and grandma are both teachers, so I come from a family of them!)

6. What is something that makes you angry?: That everything in life is dictated by politics and money. It's never people first and money & politics later, people are always the last thing thought of when it comes to decision making.

7. What motivates you to work harder?: Knowing that I have a voice when so many people don't, and that my voice isn't just for me, it's on behalf of everybody that doesn't have one. I want to be the one that can bring change, and bring it soon, and that motivates me every single day!!

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?: I would love to live in the South of France! But if we're talking where I'd like to live to make a difference in my life, then it would probably be on the Greek-Turkish border, I feel this area needs as much aid as possible.

9. What is your favourite hobby?: I love languages! I currently speak English and French and are learning Arabic and Spanish!! I think languages are a big way to unlock new opportunities to achieve your goals in life.

10. What's your favourite book?: 'I Was Told to Come Alone' by Souad Mekhennet - wow!!! Is all I can say to that book. It's inspiring and eye-opening about so many security issues in the Middle East.

Why I thought of Youth for Refugees:

So, currently there is no organisation that's sole aim is educating and involving youth in matters surrounding refugees.

I think everybody thinks we're too young or lack worldly experiences to have much of a say in the matter. But this is where they're wrong, the young people I've met at uni and in life in general, often have more knowledge than some of the adults I've come into contact with. I honestly think that the youth need to know what's happening across the world with the refugee situations, so that we can take a strong stance on what we truly believe is right or wrong.

I also wanted to do this because I think too often the youth believe this mindset, we're too young and naive. I want the youth to know they're not. Together we are all capable of making a difference. Whether that's through a simple retweet of situations happening across the world, to whether that's volunteering for a refugee organisation. If we mobilise and unify the youth together, there is no stopping us.

And this is why we have Youth for Refugees.

If you've made it this far down the blog, I thank you. I want to post on here regularly, giving updates about what we're doing, what plans we have for the future. So hopefully I look forward to seeing you here again soon! :)

It's a scary world out there right now, I hope you and all your loved ones are safe.

Ella x

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