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Black Lives Matter

Like everybody, we're watching in heartbreak at what we're seeing right now in the US. This issue goes back centuries, and we have seen time and time again people being targeted for their colour of their skin.

The human loss has been horrific, and the human suffering has been immense.

We stand with those in the US, and across the world, that are demanding change for a reformed system that promotes equality, justice and human rights for all. This cannot continue any longer, people are no longer being protected by the system that was designed to protect them.

We all need to come together and push for change through education and awareness. We need to come together to put an end to injustice and racism. We need to use our voices' and platforms to protect those whose voices and platforms' aren't heard. And we must love.

We need to be there for each other, to listen to one another and to learn. We are all in this together.

Like many others, today Youth for Refugees are participating in Black Out Tuesday. We have also compiled a number of petitions that we welcome your signature to. The links to these can be found below.

The time for change is now.

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