How can I get involved?

We are so happy that you’ve clicked on this page and want to get involved in the crisis. You will be helping a huge movement and using your voice for the better.




If you're interested in more remote involvement, then here is a list of current petitions that we think are fantastic! Please sign, and donate where possible!

  1. Safe Passage UK are fighting for the UK to do more for child refugees - asking for Boris Johnson to make a commitment and welcome 10,000 child refugees from Europe and the conflict regions over the next 10 years. They’re almost at their target!

  2. A small petition to support relocation of adults and children in Greek refugee camps due to Covid-19. Currently a small petition but hopefully we can give it the attention it deserves

  3. CampOut4Calais - check out either our instagram page or the Care4Calais instagram page of detailed instructions on how to get involved. 

  4. Europe Must Act is calling for Europe to act on the current state of the Aegean Islands. 

  5. London Must Act - We are actually mentioned on this one as a local signatory! This one is calling for Sadiq Khan to Lead with Humanity and Pledge Safety to Refugees from Unsafe Island Camps. 

  6. This one has already received a government response but if we continue to sign it may receive the attention it deserves and be considered for debate in parliament… it is fighting for an earned amnesty route for migrants without leave to remain. 

  7. Black Lives Matter - this is so important right now. It isn't solely about refugees, but it is a movement that is close to both co-founder's hearts. Please visit the link and sign and donate where possible.  

And finally...

​Our own campaign which we ran for Refugee Week 2020:





We ran a campaign where people sent us photos of them in their safe spaces  holding up a heart as a sign of solidarity. We even reached all the way to Sri Lanka! With these photos, we created a collage of everyone, this represented how feeling safe and secure is a human right that everybody should have access to. This was such a lovely campaign that we were able to run.

 The image can be found on our instagram page - @youthforrefugeesuk 


Thank you so much to all who took part!

Last updated - 1st June 2020